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Solar Power & The Environment

Solar Power

With the quest of the western world to lead the way, protecting the environment & preserving our precious resources & fuels as well as reducing the damage that mankind is doing to the planet we live on, solar power has an important part to play, reducing fossil fuel consumption as well as enabling power in remote areas.

Solar usage is on the rise, with massive solar farms capable of generating huge volumes of power to the national grid.

With developments in technology, panels can harvest viable energy in less than perfect Continue reading Solar Power & The Environment

House Foundations & Building

House Building Foundations Today

Every house building site across the land is different to the next, but each will have a common challenge with, probably, a different solution.

The challenge is to establish the foundations of houses to the best advantage, utilising the type of ground that is in place on the site.

In the majority of cases, land surveys will have predetermined the suitability of sites, leaving little to chance. Ground surveys will dig trial holes around the Continue reading House Foundations & Building

Failing To Name The Driver

Failing To Name The Driver

Because the majority of traffic offences in the UK are captured and reported automatically (by roadside cameras) without the need to stop the car accused of the offence, it became necessary for the police to have a system in place to legally identify the driver at the time of the allegation. Failing to name driver offences relate to not providing requested information requested.

To do so, the registered keeper of the vehicle is sent a request to name the driver. This is legislated under Continue reading Failing To Name The Driver

Quality Photography Enhances Web Design

High Quality Image Photography

It doesn’t matter how good your web design is, if you include poor quality images then your site will look poor.

High quality photography is a prerequisite of all the best looking websites so to think you can cut corners, save money and skimp on what is a critical essential is a shortcut to building a website that will never get your message across.

They say a picture tells a thousand words and this has never been more true than online. Website photography enhances your design if you use poor quality images you will harm your visitor engagement. Request a price for professional web photography at and make the most of your web presence online.

With a good photograph you can explain, entice, tease, demonstrate, increase desire, tempt and cajole your readers into making that all important purchase.


Graphics are an important part of the web design process but it’s important not to let the styling take over from the purpose of the site which is to sell goods and services for the business owner.

If a designer gets carried away, it can soon have a detrimental affect on the usability of the website.

Imagery is vital to a good site. Too much text is off putting for most people, but in much the same way, an excess of images that get in the way of the text can be just as irritating for users.

The key is to find a balance of great photographs, beautifully laid out and presented and supplemented with text as required.