Solar Power & The Environment

Solar Power

With the quest of the western world to lead the way, protecting the environment & preserving our precious resources & fuels as well as reducing the damage that mankind is doing to the planet we live on, solar power has an important part to play, reducing fossil fuel consumption as well as enabling power in remote areas.

Solar usage is on the rise, with massive solar farms capable of generating huge volumes of power to the national grid.

With developments in technology, panels can harvest viable energy in less than perfect weather conditions, not requiring direct sunlight in order to capture energy.

Assuming panels are maintained sufficiently, so can operate to maximum capacity, these energy farms are contributing a growing and increasingly significant proportion of the country’s energy needs.

One of the largest stumbling blocks and the missing piece of the puzzle for full integration of solar and indeed wind technology is storage of the electricity being generated. Currently, electricity needs to be used as it is generated, but this poses all sorts of problems going forwards, as consumption typically rises after dark, when solar stops generating power.

Until the energy can be stored efficiently it can’t fully meet the needs of the public because traditional power stations are still required. This currently results in a lot of waste power as power stations can’t be turned on and off as instantly as required.

Industrial capacitor storage will be necessary if we are going to complete the circle and get the maximum benefit from all of the carbon free energy we are capable of producing.